शाहरुख खान का कॉलेज एडमिशन फॉर्म हुआ वायरल, 12वीं में अंग्रेजी के नंबर जानकर रह जाएंगे हैरान

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Every Student who accomplished their studies or studying in Delhi University knows very well that Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was the student of Hansraj College in DU but anyone barely knows that how much marks SRK scored in 12th?


Recently the college form of Hansraj College is going viral on social media which was filled by the SRK at the time of admission. If you see the form, Srk applied for the B.A Hons(Economics) along with his date of birth 2nd November 1965 followed by father’s name Meer Taz Mohammad Khan written in the form and all the details are genuine.


This form is showing Srk’s marks in best four subjects: Electrical, Physics, Chemistry and English. You all be shocked to know that SRK who is now a mega star, an inspirational soul to the world who speaks so fluent English, scored only 51 marks in the subject English.


The site named DUTimes.com which shared the form says we did this so that students seek inspiration from the life of SRK and gets motivated to achieve their targets in life and make bright future. After 28 Years of Graduation from Hansraj College, Srk got his degree in February 2017.