18 Epic Scenes Before & After Special effects in Baahubali 2 will Amaze you

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It’s been a month since Baahubali 2 hit the screens and still surging high with record making glory. This movie has taken the Indian cinema to a skyrocket level which has set standards in front of the whole world. The astounding response it has received everywhere has made not only the Bollywood to scratch their head but also the Hollywood was jolted by this terrific movie. The unstoppable whistles and claps on the epic dialogues and jaw dropping scenes made so exemplary with special effects were the key highlights of the movie. Earlier we used to applaud Hollywood movies for their outstanding work on special effects in the movies but now we could also proudly roar that Indian cinema too has excelled in special effects. R.C Kamlakannan was the man behind the scenes who made the tough scenes so easy and realistic that popped out the eyes of audiences.