3 Women Kidnapped & Raped a 23 Year Old Man, leaving him Semi-Naked To Die

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Not even a single day goes when the rape of woman doesn’t take place anywhere in the world. From teen to old age all faces the brutality of monsters that tarnishes all the hopes of humanity. But have you ever heard that woman rapes a man and leaves him to die, it looks so bizarre to listen just imagine if it happens in real then it would be a tight slap to manhood?.


For your kind information and to be cautious the men all around, such incident has taken place in South Africa where 3 women kidnapped a 23-year-old guy and raped him severely to die. According to the reports, the victim took a shared taxi wherein all those 3 evil mind women were already sitting. Women told him to sit on the front seat and all of a sudden a drug injection was given to him and taxi diverted to a different route. The victim said when I came in senses I found myself lying on the bed in an unknown room. 


The man was given an energy drink then all women forced him to consume it and kidnapped him for the next 3 days where he was assaulted and raped inhumanly many times leaving him in semi-naked condition nearby a ground.365772_v1


That person is still in dilemma and trying to come out of the nightmare that ruined his life. Outside South Africa, it’s shocking news to digest but it is very common in this country. According to the stats, around 20% man of the total population are victimized by rape and police doesn’t cooperate seriously in such cases due to which victims keep the issue in control.k1sais

Police have initiated the probe into the case and have assured the people that justice will be served by sending the culprits behind the bars.SAFRICA-POLITICS-HEALTH-MANDELA