786 अंक लेने के लिए क्यों तरसते है लोग, ये है इसके पीछे का असली रहस्य

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Just like in Hindu religion before starting any new business or work, Puja of Lord Ganesha is a must. Similarly, in Islam, the number 786 is considered to be a very lucky number and always corralled during the Namaz. In Islam region, the meaning of 786 is “BismillahirRahman-ir-Rahim and Name of Allah” who are very down to earth and merciful. Muslims recite their name before commencing any work to have blessings. Let me tell you the reasons why people respect this holy number.

  • Believers of Allah regard the number 786 as the form of Bismillah. It is believed that chanting 786 before any work results in prosperity.


  • In any work, if the number 786 is included than nobody could stop from getting it done as Allah has hands on it.