पंजाब की सबसे पटाखा एक्ट्रेस की हॉट तस्वीरें देख सख्त लौंडे पिघलने को मजबूर हो रहे

If you think only Bollywood and Tollywood has the cream of ultimate beauties than I must say you are totally wrong. Punjab has given birth to many admirable models and out of which I would like to divert your attention towards this sizzling blonde named Khushi Gadhvi, who has become the latest crush of boys and boys could not resist to explore her infectious sultry figure. Khushi has done many Punjabi songs which earned millions of views on YouTube. Khushi is the popular face of Punjab Film Industry. Just like every upcoming model, Khushi with a desperate intention to catch the eyeballs, she started sharing snaps on social media platforms and now she has approx 2 Lacs followers on Instagram. The way she is getting viral on Instagram, Bollywood may knock the door one lucky day.


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