10 Countries Where You Are Allowed To Drive In With Indian License

If you are a keen driver who loves to travel than you must be knowing that exploring any country by road trip is a best way to treat to your eyes. The journey goes as per our need with full privacy rather than travelling by any other public transportation. The best part of it is that you will witness the landscapes which you won’t be able to see while travelling in train or flight. You can take halts anywhere as per your wish and enjoy the scenic beauty of country without any time bound. Ideal journey is only when you explore the country by self and taste the ecstatic beauty of it unhindered. Here is the list of 10 countries which embraces valid Indian driving licence holders to traverse the country.

AUSTRALIA – In Australia you can drive the wheels for a period of just 3 months with a valid Indian licence which should be in English and must be attached with International Driving Permit.
Driving Side – Left Side

FRANCE – People can accelerate the paddle for a period of one year in France and translation of Indian driving licence is mandatory.
Driving Side – Right Side

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