20 INSANE Facts about NORTH KOREA will give you Mini Heart Attack

North Korea is an isolated country which has cut off itself from rest of the world. It doesn’t follow any international community, works on its own terms and conditions. A country where people do not have freedom to speak or to do anything. Liberty has been buried down since ages, making it worst place to live in. North Korea threatens the whole world every now and then by its nuclear weapons and don’t give a concern to global rules and regulations. Bans, lack of freedom, poverty and decentralization of power are the issues which have made North Korea one of the most repressive country. These 21 insane facts about North Korea will give you mini heart attack.

Adult Industry is Strictly Prohibited. They have law of Death Penalty if anyone found guilty in this.

April 15, 1912 birth date of Kim Il Sung is the base of North Korean Calendar.So it is the year 104 not 2016.

At North Korea Airport..visitors mobiles are taken into custody.They can take back after their visit is over.

In North Korea only Government officials and Militants have facility to own cars. 

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