इन 20 महान लोगों में ही दम है, ऐसी भयंकर स्लोगन वाली टी-शर्ट खुलेआम पहनने का

Witty slogans printed on the T-shirts has become the demanding fashion. People expresses their thoughts or views through such slogans which are very attention seekers. But sometimes people carry such slogans on their tees that doesn’t go with their image or they have no idea about the meaning of printed slogan , however they still enjoy the reaction of eyeballs around them. While few slogans perfectly fit to the personality which leaves impression on the minds of observers. These slogans varies from sarcasm to motivational which gives message to people eyeballing on you. Hats off to these people who have guts to wear such witty t-shirts in public place leaving everyone around with wide open mouth.

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