Heartbreaking Words Of The Sadhwi Who Was Raped By Ram Rahim Singh

This will surely boil your word after reading this painful story of sadhwi who was the victim of monster Ram Rahim Singh in 2002. Instead of admitting the crime, he and his blind followers were frightened to pollute the peace and harm the people after the verdict came against him. And finally on 28th of August, this rapist has been sent behind the bars for 10 years. This punishment is not enough for such a heinous crime, he would have been given death sentence but at least justice has been delivered. Do look at the letter which has full detail of the case how this all started……

Heart Wrenching letter to PM

When this painful letter went viral over social media like a wildfire, every netizen got furious and started demanding the severe penalties to Ram Rahim Singh.

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